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Feb 23, 2013 6:00am PST
/3 of the chamber had been elected illegally. u.s. officials say radioactive waste is leaking from six under grow storage tanks in the state of washington. the tanks are about 8 kilometers from the columbia river. officials say there is no immediate threat to public health. the former nuclear weapons production complex is america's most contaminated nuclear sites. the u.s. is spending billions in an effort to manage thousands of tons of nuclear waste. in mali, at least 70 people were killed in clashes between rebels and soldiers. at least 13 troops were killed along with 65 rebels. the fighting raged in the northern part of the country near the algerian border. over the last month, the militants have been driven into the desert and mountains by french and african soldiers. france says it wants to start withdrawing its troops next month. are american troops leaving afghanistan at the end of 2014 or not? that dispute came up on friday. german and to the german defense minister told reporters at least 8000 u.s. soldiers will stay in afghanistan after 2014. washington says it is still weighing its op
Feb 15, 2013 2:00pm PST
for oscar pistorius, who had become one of the biggest names in world sports. >> republicans in the u.s. senate are still blocking the confirmation of chuckhagel -- chuck hagel as defense secretary. >> they say they will eventually approve their colleague, but first, they want more answers from the administration for last year's attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. >> let's get more information on the horse meat scandal in the europe. >> why not? officials have rated a reprocessing plant -- raided a reprocessing plant. >> that came as brussels give the go-ahead for the you-why dna testing on products and friends pointed the finger at another food-processing plant -- the go- ahead for the eu-wide dna testing. >> our inquiry shows they knew the meat labeled as beef could be horse meat -- at least they had a strong suspicion. >> horse meat in itself is as -- is not dangerous, and europe has clear rules on the food chain. of birth, the owner decides if an animal will end up on the dinner plate. it is all documented, including any medication administered. the revelation that horses were in m
Feb 4, 2013 2:00pm PST
of the great depression. as the u.s. entered world war ii, how did a system of accounting become the key to building the american arsenal? by 1970, america was uncovering the negative effects of pollution. should we measure these hidden costs of economic growth? most of us decide how well we're doing economically by what we can afford to buy. can we calculate a nation's economic well-being by adding up those individual measurements? can we compare national figures over time to determine if our economy is making progress? u.s. economic growth-- what is the gross national product? with economic analyst richard gill, we'll explore that question on this edition of economics usa. i'm david schoumacher. these computer tapes at the bureau of economic analysis in washington document 50 years of america's economic growth. they provide access to the accounting system known as gnp. when the united states faced its worst economic crisis, the great depression, no such measuring tool existed, until this report went to the senate. copies of national income, 1929-1932 are scarce today, but back in 1934,
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am PST
is set to continue. >> it seems there may be a racings war on the horizon. a downgrade by the u.s. grading agency can be bad news for any business but now moody's has downgraded one of its biggest rival. one of the largest rating agency, standard and poor's it present it was most recent award with the department of justice associated with the housing collapse. >> and a meat processing splant suspected of mixing horse products in products sold with meat. they are removing products that were falsely labeled with let. >> brussels has given the go ahead for a testing of made products. >> when it's served up, consumers cannot easily distinguish between horse meat and beef. horse meat has been found in a number of places including school lunches. scale of the problem. >> i welcome the european's decision to introduce screening so we can determine if this is an isolated different or if hey are spreading worldwide, consumers were duped on horse neat more than 10 countries. falsely-labeled meat didn't just show up in lasagna it was also found in ravioli and grew losh. german authorities we
Feb 9, 2013 6:00am PST
charged u.s. film about the controversial practice of fracking that's drilling a lot of interest and probably didn't hurt that the film's star matt damon was on hand to discuss the matter. >> on day two of the berlin film festival hollywood descended on the festival. matt damon was the biggest name. >> if you sign this lease it gives us the right to work on your land. >> in order to get at the natural gas reserves underneath. >> you could be a millionaire. >> grapple with the dilemma whether to take the money or stick with their traditional ways. >> the town is going to put it to a vote in three weeks. >> what we really wanted to do was make a movie about american identity and the actual issue itself was secondary to wanting to explore the kind of where we are right now. >> for damon this is a project close to his heart. he wrote the screen play and wanted to direct the film. but with so many deadlines looming he passed that job on to van zant. they had already worked together on good will hunting another of damon's scripts. >> i was happy to take over and help him do it. he didn
Feb 18, 2013 2:00pm PST
this year. the german market also takes a step forward, but u.s. markets are closed because of a holiday. draghi and others in focus of the economy recovering. the german recovery in a modest pace. >> the dax finished up by nearly .5%. eurostoxx 50 up just a bit. the euro trading slightly higher, $1.3350. venezuelan president hugo chavez has made a surprising return of from cuba where he had another surgery for cancer and treatment. but she had not been seen since undergoing a fourth operation last december. his supporters turned out in numbers to welcome him back home. >> celebration on the streets of caracas. they're coming out to show their joy of the president's return. >> welcome back to venezuela. >> we love you. there is an entire population and that will support new always. >> it to the speculation to rest, he released these pictures showing him with his daughters. he appears alert and in good spirits. they broadcast messages from members of the government will commingle leader back. he told them that the president was in good condition but would be continuing his cancer treatmen
Feb 22, 2013 2:00pm PST
of ireland went from 9 million to 3 million. a lot came to the u.s., to canada, to australia, new zealand, england-- those would've been mainly where the irish went. remember, in those days, when people left home, they didn't see their parents again, that was it. keep in mind that the people coming here didn't speak english. they were from the poorest parts of ireland. and it was tough. irish catholics, especially, they weren't very welcome. they were considered a lower class. what they did have, in spite of that poverty, they did have their culture, they had this amazingly rich repository of instrumental music, of song, of storytelling, in the irish language, of dancing. having socialization with neighbors, hearing the music-- that made up for that loss. that's what they shared together. that's what they passed on to their children. house sessions are a major component of traditional irish music. it's where people would congregate in ireland and even in my own house when i was growing up, both of my parents were from ireland. we had an irish session almost every friday in my home. the pe
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7